Valentine’s Day Statistics & Facts for 2024 | Sender (2024)

Valentine’s Day Statistics & Facts for 2024 | Sender (1)

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Valentine’s Day has a rich and fascinating history, from its humble beginnings in the Middle Ages to the modern-day Saint Valentine frenzy of heart-shaped chocolates and candy-making machines. But it’s not all that. Today, V Day is also filled with heartwarming traditions that bring family members and loved ones closer together.

As we approach this time of year, when sentiments fill the air and romantic love flows freely, it’s the perfect occasion to explore the enchanting world of Valentine’s Day statistics.

If you’re in 52% of consumers planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, grab your favorite chocolate box, pen a sweet note to your dear Juliet or lovely Romeo, and let’s embark on a journey through the statistics that make Valentine’s Day unique. (You might also find some fun Valentine’s Day facts along the way, too!)

Valentine’s Marketing Statistics

Let’s start with some numbers no marketer could pass by – Valentine’s marketing statistics. We’ll look closer at the two most popular channels – email and social media.

But first, let’s see what types of loyalty program rewards are the most important to customers this Valentine’s Day. This is how it looks ranked based on what customers had to say:

  1. Product discounts – 55%;
  2. Special expedited shipping – 34%;
  3. Better return policies – 30%;
  4. Free samples with purchase – 26%;
  5. Complimentary gift wrapping – 20%.

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Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Stats

Our colleagues did a nice job by researching Valentine’s Day email campaigns sent between January 15 and February 14. It showed that the flower businesses were the most active in sending email campaigns, followed by chocolatiers:

  • Flowers: 38.3 emails on average
  • Chocolate: 21.3 emails on average
  • Mass merchants: 21 emails on average
  • Jewelry: 7.4 emails on average

Open rates of these email campaigns also show a story – hinting at the most famous Valentine’s Day gifts:

  • Flowers: 17.2%
  • Chocolate: 11%
  • Mass merchants: 15.2%
  • Jewelry: 9%

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Valentine’s Day Statistics & Facts for 2024 | Sender (2)

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Valentine’s Social Media Engagement

Here are some fun Valentine’s Day facts and statistics you might find useful for your Valentine’s social media campaigns:

  • Analysis of social media data using “Valentine’s Day” as a keyword shows the most associated term was “shop,” with “shop” and “gift” identified 131.17% more frequently than the term “love.”
  • 60% of Generation Z and 56% of millennial social media users would do some of their holiday shopping via Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and similar channels.

Valentine’s Day Spending Statistics

As noble as the idea behind Valentine’s Day is, the fact is that people are still going to spend money. Better questions are – what and how much will they spend it on? Let’s have a look.

Spending per Capita

This year, Americans are expected to spend an estimated $26 billion celebrating Valentine’s Day, more than $190 per person. Their loved ones are going to be lucky!

Spending on Flowers

According to the Society of American Florists, Valentine’s Day accounts for 30% of all holiday flower purchases, beating out Christmas, Mother’s Day, and Thanksgiving. In fact, approximately 250 million roses are grown each year just for Valentine’s Day.

Spending on Candy

Valentine’s Day is the dream time for sweet tooths as surprising $2.2 billion is spent on candy. Not a single candy-making machine is probably resting!

Spending on Cards

A whopping 145 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every February 14. Just imagine the number of Valentines!

Spending on Jewelry

Candy and flowers might be some of the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day, but the category that we typically spend the most on for February 14 is jewelry, at a whopping $5.5 billion in 2023!

Valentine’s Day Demographics

Before we look closer at demographic statistics related to Valentine’s Day, let’s begin with a heartwarming fact – nearly 6 million couples get engaged on Valentine’s Day. Now, let’s explore some interesting differences in men’s and women’s behavior around this romantic day:

  • 67.68% of men said they would purchase Valentine’s gifts for their loved ones;
  • Men are likelier to spend more on gifts, with an average spending of $249;
  • Women, on the other hand, have an estimated spending of $57;
  • 60% of flowers purchased by women on Valentine’s Day are going to themselves.

Valentine’s Day Gift Shopping Statistics

Just like in previous years, the preferred choice for buying Valentine’s Day gifts remains online shopping, with 35% of people opting for this option. Department stores are a close second at 34%, followed by discount stores at 31% and specialty stores at 18%.

Popular Valentine’s Day Gifts

After Statista’s interviews with American customers, the survey revealed their Valentine’s Day shopping plans:

  • 44% of shoppers say they will purchase candy;
  • 33% are going to choose greeting cards, 32% flowers, and 29% an evening out;
  • 14% select wine and 13% gift cards.

The survey also revealed not-so-popular choices for the occasion:

  • 8% of Americans buy clothing items and perfume.
  • 7% go for lingerie or pajamas;
  • 5% choose a romantic holiday, and 4% choose beauty products;
  • As little as 1% go for a pet.

Wrap Up

In wrapping things up, let’s take a friendly peek into the world of Valentine’s Day statistics for 2024. These numbers show us that Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday but a fascinating blend of tradition and modern trends. It’s a time when love shines, and we also see how marketing, social media, and our gift choices have evolved. So, as we navigate this changing landscape, let’s remember that Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, making connections, and enjoying the sweet moments that bring us closer together.

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Valentine’s Day Statistics & Facts for 2024 | Sender (2024)


Valentine’s Day Statistics & Facts for 2024 | Sender? ›

According to Drive Research, 52% of Americans will be celebrating Valentine's Day in 2024. 35% of consumers will shop online for gifts.

How many people celebrate Valentine's Day in 2024? ›

According to Drive Research, 52% of Americans will be celebrating Valentine's Day in 2024. 35% of consumers will shop online for gifts.

How much will people spend on Valentine's Day in 2024? ›

U.S. Valentine's Day sales 2009-2024

Planned Valentine's Day spending in the United States was expected to reach just under 26 billion U.S. dollars in 2024.

What is the trend for Valentine's Day in 2024? ›

“But we're also seeing shoppers opt for non-traditional gifts focused on experiences, like recreating your favorite co*cktail at home with a new barware set, planning for an upcoming adventure with travel accessories, or elevating couples' game night with table shuffleboard.”

What is the statistic about Valentine's Day? ›

Americans send 145 million Valentine's Day cards each year. According to Hallmark, a whopping 145 million Valentine's Day cards are exchanged every February 14 (and that's not even including all those kids' valentines exchanged in classrooms!).

Who gets the most valentines a year? ›

Teachers receive the most valentines, followed by children, mothers, and wives.

What percentage of the world celebrate Valentine's day? ›

This is demonstrated by a recent global survey. Of the 18,201 consumers in 17 global markets, 59% say they'll celebrate Valentine's Day in some way. However, the proportions of celebrations in markets vary greatly.

Which gender spends more money on Valentine's Day? ›

Not only that, Valentine's Day tends to be the most popular day to get engaged. Spending differs by gender and age. Men spend more on Valentine's Day ($200+), while women usually spend less. Millennials are the biggest spenders, with those in that age group planning to spend around $300 on the holiday.

How much should Valentine's dinner cost? ›

This is the price of a romantic dinner

Some 52% of consumers said they planned on celebrating and expected to spend around $192 on Valentine's Day 2024, according to a survey. This is a 9.9% increase from 2023, when the average consumer spent around $175.

What is the color of Valentine's day in 2024? ›

Shades of Love: Red and White Color Combination for Valentines Day Decor in 2024. As Valentine's Day approaches in 2024, love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate this special occasion than by infusing your surroundings with the timeless and captivating combination of red and white?

What are the names of Valentine's day in 2024? ›

Valentine's Week 2024: From roses to teddy, here's list of all the important days from 7-14 February to know
  • Propose Day (February 8) ...
  • Teddy Day (February 10) ...
  • Promise Day (February 11) ...
  • Hug Day (February 12) ...
  • Kiss Day (February 13) ...
  • Valentine's Day (February 14)
Feb 6, 2024

What is special on 14 February 2024? ›

Happy Valentine's Day 2024: Valentine's Day falls annually on February 14. The celebrations for the day of love begin a week before, starting with Rose Day and ending with Kiss Day.

How much will people spend on Valentine's day 2024? ›

This display of love will not come cheap. The National Retail Federation (NRF) estimates that consumers will spend a record $25.8 billion, an average of $185.81 per person, on Valentine's Day in 2024. It is no wonder that US retailers love the holiday. So, who was this Saint Valentine to whom they owe the windfall?

What are three facts statistics on Valentine's day gift giving? ›

Valentine's Day Demographics
  • 67.68% of men said they would purchase Valentine's gifts for their loved ones;
  • Men are likelier to spend more on gifts, with an average spending of $249;
  • Women, on the other hand, have an estimated spending of $57;
  • 60% of flowers purchased by women on Valentine's Day are going to themselves.
Jan 15, 2024

How popular is Valentine's Day? ›

Over half of consumers (53%) plan to celebrate Valentine's Day this year, on par with 52% last year. Overall, consumers plan to spend a total of $25.8 billion to celebrate Valentine's Day, on par with last year's spending and the third highest in the survey's history.

How many people propose on Valentine's Day each year? ›

6 million people expect or plan a marriage each year on Valentine's Day. There are approximately 220,000 proposals in the U.S. alone on this special day. 2.2 million marriages take place each year in the States—approximately 6,600 a day—with the highest number in Nevada.

How many Americans skip Valentine's Day? ›

Some have lost their love for the heart-shaped holiday.

However, that mentality doesn't hold true for all: 45% of Americans say they've skipped the holiday to save money, and over half (52%) say they'd avoid it altogether if they could.

How many Valentine's Day are there in a year? ›

Valentine's Day is celebrated worldwide on February 14th each year. It is a day when people express their affection and love for one another, often through the exchange of cards, flowers, and gifts. If you have any more questions or if there's something else you'd like to know, feel free to ask!


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