Valentine's Day gifts consumers plan to purchase U.S. | Statista (2024)

For Valentine's Day 2024, roughly half of surveyed U.S. shoppers said they would buy chocolate or candy as a gift for another, making it the most shopped for Valentine's Day gift. About a third of respondents said they intended to purchase flowers.

How lucrative is Valentine’s Day?

Americans spent about 26 billion U.S. dollars on Valentine’s Day in 2024. While this is far less than consumers in the United States usually spend on Christmas, Valentine’s Day remained a lucrative holiday. The holiday was an especially valuable day for florists, bars and restaurants, jewelers, and chocolatiers. Still, some people chose to celebrate with a bottle of wine, or a special meal prepared at home, making it a good day for the entire U.S. economy.

Has inflation curbed Valentine’s Day spending?

Valentine’s Day spending peaked in 2020, but otherwise remained fairly consistent over time, even increasing during from 2021 to 2023, a period that was heavily impacted by inflation. Still, some consumers in the United States opted for lower cost gifts from 2022 to 2023 or sought other ways to keep their spending down in 2024. This could account for the planned expenditures on smaller gifts, such as chocolate, candy, and flowers in 2024. Interestingly, candy was one of the gift selections most impacted by inflation from 2022 to 2023.

Valentine's Day gifts consumers plan to purchase U.S. | Statista (2024)


Valentine's Day gifts consumers plan to purchase U.S. | Statista? ›

For Valentine's Day 2024, roughly half of surveyed U.S. shoppers said they would buy chocolate or candy as a gift for another, making it the most shopped for Valentine's Day gift. About a third of respondents said they intended to purchase flowers.

What are most consumers buying for Valentine's Day? ›

Candy is the most popular gift: With 57% of shoppers buying candy, it remains the top choice for Valentine's Day gifting, consistent with 2022 trends.

What are consumers doing who are not celebrating Valentine's Day but still plan to mark the occasion? ›

Among those not celebrating Valentine's Day, 29% still plan to mark the occasion in some way. Many will treat themselves to something special, while others will plan a get-together or evening out with their single friends or family members, NRF and Prosper Analytics found.

What do you give customers for Valentine's Day? ›

A thank you card is a classic choice for client appreciation on Valentine's Day! First, choose or create a themed card that will impress your clients with your attention to detail. Second, include a hand-written message to make it personal. Last, always include that you are looking forward to seeing them again.

How much do they predict consumers will spend this year on Valentine's Day? ›

SALT LAKE CITY — According to the National Retail Federation, the average American will spend about $185 celebrating Valentine's Day this year. The nation as a whole spends an estimated $25.8 billion.

What do most people buy on Valentine's Day? ›

Sure, diamonds are great, but chocolate's sweeter. This is probably why 57% of consumers buy Valentine's Day candy as a gift for their loved ones. Other popular gifts include cards (40%), flowers (37%), and an evening out (31%).

What are the three most common gifts during Valentine's Day? ›

The most commonly given gifts on Valentine's Day are candy, greeting cards and flowers.

Why is Valentine's day illegal? ›

But in some other countries like Indonesia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the day is banned due to the day's conflicting views with the Islamic culture. Since 2009, certain practices pertaining to Valentine's Day (such as giving flowers, cards, or other gifts suggestive of Valentine's Day) are banned in Iran.

Why are people against Valentine's day? ›

Leading reasons against Valentine's Day among consumers worldwide 2022. In 2022, nearly half of the world's consumers, who said they were unlikely to celebrate Valentine's Day, indicated that it came across as a commercial and/or marketing event, making it the leading reason why people do not commemorate the occasion.

What do people not want for Valentine's day? ›

One of the worst Valentine's Day gifts is household appliances, like a vacuum cleaner. It can be interpreted as unromantic and utilitarian.

How do you say happy Valentine's Day to customers? ›

1. “Happy Valentine's Day, [customer name]! We just wanted to send you a quick message from all of us at [your business]. Everyone is busy these days, but we hope that you take some time today to spend it with the people you care about (even if it's your Mom).

How much did consumers plan to spend on Valentine's Day? ›

Overall, consumers plan to spend a total of $25.8 billion to celebrate Valentine's Day, on par with last year's spending and the third highest in the survey's history. Sixty-two percent of consumers ages 25-34 plan to celebrate this year, more than any other age group.

What's the top gift consumers give on Valentine's Day? ›

Candy: 57% Greeting cards: 40% Flowers: 37% An Evening Out: 32%

What percentage of consumers prefer to buy their Valentine's Day gifts online? ›

Just like in previous years, the preferred choice for buying Valentine's Day gifts remains online shopping, with 35% of people opting for this option.

What is the most popular arrangement sold on Valentine's Day? ›

The most popular flower to give on Valentine's Day is the red rose. Red roses have long been a symbol of romantic love. However, if red roses aren't to their taste, you could always gift other popular Valentine's Day flowers, such as lilies, tulips or carnations.

What item makes the most money from Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine Cards

60% of Americans planned to buy greetings and gift cards (NRF report 2023). Therefore, they are the top-selling items for Valentine's Day, especially if they are unique or personalized.

What are the top 3 jewelry items purchased for Valentine's Day? ›

No matter which gift you choose, your special someone will be sure to love it!
  • Still not sure what to give, our experts have compiled some more of the top jewelry gifts for this Valentine's Day. DIAMOND EARRINGS.

What are the consumer trends for Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Some 33% will shop in department stores, while 31% will head to discount stores, and 17% will buy from florists, the NRF notes. Candy (at 57%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (39%) will be the most popular gifts. But don't discount an evening out, which ranks at No. 4 with 32%.


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