What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day? – The Fine Food Hamper (2024)

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year? Surveys show about 80% of people in a relationship choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure what the other 20% are up to… The data certainly does shows that you’ll likely make the most effort if you have been with your partner for 2 years or less, so there is clearly a drop off in romantic gestures on Valentine's Day for those of you have been together for a while.

What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day?– The Fine Food Hamper (1)

Despite general perceptions that Valentine’s Day is most important to women, it is mostly men who feel that celebrating Valentine’s Day with their partner is important. 68% of men would be disappointed if they didn’t celebrate the day compared to 51% of women.

So, what do people actually buy their partner for Valentine’s? In the UK about 40% of people will send a card to their loved one, 17% will indulge them with a box of chocolates, 14% will go out for a romantic meal, and 7% will send flowers.

If you are looking for some creative ideas to celebrate Valentine's 2023 look no further we have ideas to make the perfect day no matter how long you have been together.

Flowers & Chocolates

While beautiful artisan chocolates such as these delicious Langley's Handmade Chocolates will never go out of fashion, you could combine the beauty of roses with the finest handmade chocolate with these Tinkture Rose Gin Truffles made by specialist chocolatiers Chocolarder.

What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day?– The Fine Food Hamper (2)

Cook a Romantic Dinner Together

Save some pennies and rather than going out rustle up something special together. No need to find a babysitter, squeeze into an overcrowded restaurant, and find a taxi at the end of the night. You can enjoy your favourite dishes at home and make a romantic moment creating it together. You can find all you'll need to make a special meal for two from our sister company The Cornish Food Box Company, and it will be delivered to your door from the heart of Cornwall.

If you don't fancy spending too much time in the kitchen why not order one of these amazing Heart Shaped Pasties? Perfect for two to share and available as traditional steak, cheese or vegan.

Treasure Hunt

Add a fun element to your gift giving this year. Design a special treasure hunt with lots of little gifts for your loved one to find. Use a combination of treats and trinkets that you know they'll love from minature bottles of Tinkture Rose Gin, delicious Strawberry Heart Shaped Shortbreads, and delicious artisan chocolate from Chocolarder.

Couples Activity

Spend time together. You could choose to learn a new skill, try a new activity, or make something to symbolise your partnership. Whether it is polishing up your dance skills together, trying out a new sport, or getting hot under the collar in the kitchen, working on something together is the best way to bring you together.

Make Your OwnCard

A handmade card shows that you have made an effort to make something special just for them. You don't have to be an awesome artist - the simplest designs can be the most effective and there are plenty of ideas and inspiration online.

What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day?– The Fine Food Hamper (3)

What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day?
– The Fine Food Hamper (2024)


What are the top 3 items consumers buy for Valentine's Day? ›

Beyond The Classic Heart-Shaped Bouquet And Chocolates

While flowers, candy and greeting cards still top the list of main gifts, younger generations are shifting the way Valentine's Day is being celebrated, looking beyond traditional gifts.

What kind of gift is given most often on Valentine's Day? ›

1. Valentine's Day cards. Although cards are usually given in combination with other gifts like flowers or chocolates, more than 52% of consumers will present their loved one with a Valentine's Day card. You can score some extra points by personalising your card with a photo or heartfelt poem.

What item makes the most money from Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine Cards

60% of Americans planned to buy greetings and gift cards (NRF report 2023). Therefore, they are the top-selling items for Valentine's Day, especially if they are unique or personalized.

What is the second most popular Valentine's gift? ›

The most popular gifts were candy (56%), greeting cards (40%), and flowers (37%).

What are the top 7 best selling products or services for Valentine's Day? ›

What to Sell on Valentine's Day?
  • Chocolates/Sweets. Nearly 30% of US adults wished to receive chocolate and sweets on this occasion. ...
  • Flowers. How can we celebrate Valentine's Day without a luxurious bouquet of roses? ...
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers. ...
  • Clothing. ...
  • Perfumes. ...
  • Valentine's Day Cards. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Lingerie.
Jan 16, 2024

What gift is best for Valentine? ›

  • Flowers.
  • Cakes.
  • Personalised Gifts.
  • Plants.
  • Hampers.
  • Chocolates.
  • Combos.
  • Accessories.

What is sold the most on Valentine's Day? ›

Candy: As the saying goes, “Candy for the win!” It comes as no surprise that candy tops the list, with 57% of people purchasing sweets for their loved ones on Valentine's Day. Chocolates, in particular, are a timeless classic and a symbol of romance.

What is trending for Valentine's Day 2024? ›

Nostalgic jewelry is trending, particularly lockets for holding cherished memories. Worn patinas and vintage styles make them romantic and practical. Heartfelt charms on necklaces are gaining popularity too, with charm options to cater to various interests, from sports to cooking, adding a personal touch to the trend.

What is the most expensive Valentine's Day gift? ›

Diamonds seem to be a great option when you are aiming for the most expensive present. The Chopard 201 Carat watch will costs you a shocking €20 million. But it's not just an ordinary watch. The model is decorated with 874 diamonds in very unusual hues and special shapes, giving the watch a spectacular look.

Who is supposed to get gifts on Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine's Day gifts do not need to be restricted to romantic partners. If you have children, they too will appreciate a little treat such as chocolates with their breakfast or a special dinner with candles lit.

What's the most popular Valentine's candy? ›

First, What's the Most Popular Valentine's Day Candy? According to Candystore.com's annual report from 2023, conversation hearts made a stunning comeback, being the top Valentine's Day candy choice for 17 U.S. states.

What is the most popular arrangement sold on Valentine's Day? ›

The most popular flower to give on Valentine's Day is the red rose. Red roses have long been a symbol of romantic love. However, if red roses aren't to their taste, you could always gift other popular Valentine's Day flowers, such as lilies, tulips or carnations.


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