Top Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts For Her (2024)


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Top Valentine's Day Jewelry Gifts For Her (2024)


What are the top 3 jewelry items purchased for Valentine's Day? ›

No matter which gift you choose, your special someone will be sure to love it!
  • Still not sure what to give, our experts have compiled some more of the top jewelry gifts for this Valentine's Day. DIAMOND EARRINGS.

What is the most bought Valentines Day gift? ›

What are the most popular gifts to send for Valentine's Day?
  • Flowers & Chocolates. ...
  • Cook a Romantic Dinner Together. ...
  • Treasure Hunt. ...
  • Couples Activity. ...
  • Make Your Own Card.

What are the top 3 items consumers buy for Valentine's Day? ›

Beyond The Classic Heart-Shaped Bouquet And Chocolates

While flowers, candy and greeting cards still top the list of main gifts, younger generations are shifting the way Valentine's Day is being celebrated, looking beyond traditional gifts.

Is Valentines Day a good time to buy jewelry? ›

Then February rolls around with Valentine's Day and the second busiest time for jewelers when demand, and prices, are high. This makes March the ideal time for buying that signature piece you've been craving or a diamond ring for that special someone.

What jewelry piece sells the most? ›

Most popular jewelry types

According to the research, women are most inclined to buy earrings, while men like necklaces the most. When considering the whole population, necklaces are the top-selling jewelry category.

What kind of gift is given most often on Valentine's Day? ›

1. Valentine's Day cards. Although cards are usually given in combination with other gifts like flowers or chocolates, more than 52% of consumers will present their loved one with a Valentine's Day card. You can score some extra points by personalising your card with a photo or heartfelt poem.

What are the top 7 best selling products or services for Valentine's Day? ›

What to Sell on Valentine's Day?
  • Chocolates/Sweets. Nearly 30% of US adults wished to receive chocolate and sweets on this occasion. ...
  • Flowers. How can we celebrate Valentine's Day without a luxurious bouquet of roses? ...
  • Gift Cards/Vouchers. ...
  • Clothing. ...
  • Perfumes. ...
  • Valentine's Day Cards. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Lingerie.
Jan 16, 2024

What is trending for Valentine's Day in 2024? ›

While candy and greeting cards remain the most popular Valentine's gifts, consumers are also setting records on spending for jewelry, flowers, clothing and an evening out this year as they celebrate the romantic relationships in their lives.

What item makes the most money from Valentine's Day? ›

60% of Americans planned to buy greetings and gift cards (NRF report 2023). Therefore, they are the top-selling items for Valentine's Day, especially if they are unique or personalized. Many people like to exchange cards on this holiday as a way to express their feelings and affection for their loved ones.

What is the most popular arrangement sold on Valentine's Day? ›

The most popular flower to give on Valentine's Day is the red rose. Red roses have long been a symbol of romantic love. However, if red roses aren't to their taste, you could always gift other popular Valentine's Day flowers, such as lilies, tulips or carnations.

How much do people spend on jewelry on Valentine's Day? ›

The top gifts include candy (57%), greeting cards (40%), flowers (39%), an evening out (32%), jewelry (22%), clothing (21%) and gift cards (19%). New spending records are expected for jewelry ($6.4 billion), flowers ($2.6 billion), clothing ($3 billion) and an evening out ($4.9 billion).

When should you buy your girlfriend jewelry? ›

While you can give a loved one jewelry at any time, it's a great go-to option for any special occasion. Make sure you put real thought behind the jewelry that you choose. Pick out something that your wife or girlfriend will love wearing.

What month is jewelry cheapest? ›

The lowest price of gold typically occurs around the second week of January. The price usually rises through the end of the year, with another dip between April and June. Gold and silver jewelry prices are lower after the holiday, as jewelers offer discounts on the pieces that didn't sell in November and December.

What are the top 3 flowers purchased for Valentine's Day? ›

The Most Popular Flowers on Valentine's Day
  • Roses. There's no surprise here; roses are considered the most romantic flower. ...
  • Tulips. You may associate tulips with the start of Spring and Easter, but did you know red tulips symbolise true love? ...
  • Orchid. ...
  • Carnations. ...
  • Peony. ...
  • Sunflower. ...
  • Violets. ...
  • Chrysanthemum.
Jan 18, 2023


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