Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (2024)

55 Attractions in 5 Days

Updated: July 9,2024

You may not be able to go to 55 attractions in 5 days, but we did.

Colorado Springs and the surrounding region have an overwhelming amount of things to do and see! In fact, there are more than 60 man-made and natural attractions to experience.

There's no way anyone could experience them all in just one trip... or is there? Three intrepid adventurers — Tracy, Chelsy and Sarah — thought they would give this epic adventure a shot. See below for their roundup of the top 55 attractions to explore in Colorado Springs within five days and try the challenge for yourself. Remember to share your experience on social media by tagging #VisitCOS.

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Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Experiences

Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (1)

Day 1

  1. Sunset Amphitheater (COMING AUGUST 2024) - From the spectacular views of Pikes Peak and the U.S. Air Force Academy to the amenities and luxury experience, this venue is going to take the Colorado music scene to the next level.

  2. U.S. Air Force Academy

    Visit the stunning chapel, get an up-close look at an authentic B-52 bomber at the Bomber Plane Display, and be immersed in far-off lands at the Planetarium, whose panoramic projections transport you to the depths of the ocean and to the deepest reaches of space.
  3. Visit the Western Museum of Mining & Industry for an in-depth look at Colorado's mining history, with over 4,000 artifacts and machines.
  4. Trace the legacy of cowboys and rodeo champions throughout history at the ProRodeo Hall of Fame & Museum of the American Cowboy.
  5. Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum

    Admire a collection of over 75 vintage motorcycles spanning seven decades at the free-to-visit Rocky Mountain Motorcycle Museum.
  6. Glen Eyrie Castle

    Tour the majestic Glen Eyrie Castle, constructed by the founder of Colorado Springs, General William Jackson Palmer.
  7. Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site

    Learn about the region's earliest inhabitants through tours and hands-on experiences at the Rock Ledge Ranch Historic Site.
  8. Garden of the GodsExplore and stand in awe of one of the most stunning geological wonders of the world — and TripAdvisor's #1 U.S. Park — Garden of the Gods.

  9. Garden of the Gods Trading Post

    Shop for handmade Native American jewelry, crafts, and art, as well as other souvenirs at the Garden of the Gods Trading Post.
  10. Flying W Ranch

    Swing by the Flying W Ranch to try your hand at roping animals, enjoy a chuckwagon dinner of smoked meats and enjoy a performance by the Flying W Wranglers.
Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (2)

Day 2

  1. Cheyenne Mountain State Park

    Navigate 28 miles of trails at Cheyenne Mountain State Park, also home to campgrounds, an archery range and educational programs.
  2. May Museum of Natural History (Bug Museum)

    Examine over 7,000 rare insects from around the world at the May Museum of Natural History (Bug Museum) — and don't forget to snap a photo with the Herkimer, "the world's largest beetle!"
  3. Whitewater Rafting with Echo Canyon River Expeditions

    Paddle (or float) your way along the Arkansas River with one of our many rafting partners.
  4. Stand-Up Paddleboarding with Dragonfly Paddle Yoga

    Relax on the water with a stand-up paddle boarding session with Dragonfly Paddle Yoga.
  5. Take in breathtaking views via Aerial Gondolas — or, if you're a thrill seeker, a zip line — at Royal Gorge Bridge & Park
  6. Take a Rocky Mountain Food Tour

    Get a taste of Colorado Springs on a classic walking food tour. Enjoy tastings at five surprise destinations and learn local history and fun facts along the way!
  7. The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey

    Sip wine as you admire the Wet Mountains at The Winery at Holy Cross Abbey.
  8. Royal Gorge Bridge

    Cross the Royal Gorge Bridge and soak in panoramic views as you pass 1,053 feet above the Arkansas River.
  9. Skyline Drive

    Ride along the rollercoaster-like Skyline Drive carved into the side of a mountain for more sweeping views of Cañon City.
  10. Royal Gorge Route Railroad

    Enjoy memorable meals alongside memorable views onboard the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, weaving alongside the Arkansas River.
  11. Museum of Colorado Prisons

    Survey artifacts and learn about the history of the Colorado prison system at the Museum of Colorado Prisons, originally built in 1935 as the Women’s Correctional Facility.
  12. Gold Belt Scenic Byway

    Travel the Gold Belt Scenic Byway and pass alongside former railroad and stagecoach routes that serviced the region's most prominent mining towns.
Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (3)

Day 3

  1. Academy Riding StablesExplore Garden of the Gods Park on horseback led by a local wrangler from Academy Riding Stables.

  2. Mineral Springs at Manitou Springs

    Taste the varying flavors and effervescence of the Manitou Springs Mineral Springs, rumored to have once possessed restorative powers.
  3. Reach the summit of Pikes Peak after a relaxing train ride onboard The Broadmoor Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

  4. Barr Trail

    Challenge yourself on the Barr Trail — a 12+ mile scenic journey with 7,500 feet of elevation gain, ultimately reaching the Pikes Peak summit.
  5. Miramont Castle Museum

    Journey back to the Victorian era as you tour the Miramont Castle Museum, a National Historic Landmark consisting of nine architectural styles.
  6. Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

    Embrace nostalgia and play over 400 classic amusem*nt games like skeeball, pinball and shooting galleries at Manitou Springs Penny Arcade.
  7. The Olive Tap

    Taste and purchase an impressive selection of premium olive oils and vinegars The Olive Tap.
  8. Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings

    Visit the 800-year-old Manitou Springs Cliff Dwellings to tour the former homes of the Ancient Pueblan people and learn about Native American culture.
  9. Cave of the Winds Mountain Park

    Climb, leap, crawl, and zip through courses and attractions at Cave of the Winds Mountain Park, or descend into the depths of Manitou Grand Caverns.
  10. Wind Walker Challenge Course

    Climb through steel beams, ropes and ladders at the Wind Walker Challenge Course — a 3-story course teetering on the edge of Williams Canyon.
  11. Penrose Heritage Carriage House Museum

    Tour the Penrose Heritage Carriage House Museum to learn about the history and heritage of the Pikes Peak region.
  12. Ghost Town Museum

    Immerse yourself in a western ghost town at the Ghost Town Museum, home to 1800's and turn-of-the-century artifacts and equipment.
  13. Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

    Discover Colorado's prehistoric past at the Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, home to one of the world's wealthiest and most varied fossil deposits.
Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (4)

Day 4

  1. Wander through the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center and admire beautiful wolves, coyotes and foxes.
  2. Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine

    Dig for gold at the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine as you learn about the region's mining history.
  3. Cripple Creek Heritage CenterDiscover all there is to see and do in Cripple Creek and learn about local geology, animal life and history at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center.

  4. Enjoy a scenic steam train ride on the Cripple Creek & Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad, which harkens back to the area's gold mining heyday.
  5. Dinosaur Resource Center

    Enter the Cretaceous Period and view fossils at the Dinosaur Resource Center, a 20,000-square-foot museum consistently rated as one of the world's best dinosaur museums.
  6. Get into the holiday spirit at The North Pole, home to Santa’s Workshop and a variety of Christmas-themed amusem*nts and shops.
  7. Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

    Visit the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center to browse Native American, Hispanic and Spanish Colonial, and American art and enjoy theatre performances.
  8. Money Museum

    Enrich your understanding of currency at the Money Museum, home to collections of rare coins and exhibits spanning three galleries.
  9. Trace the history of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and learn about Team USA's legacy at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum — a must-visit while in Olympic City, USA.

  10. Manitou InclineTrain like an Olympian and attempt to set a new record as you climb 2,768 steps on one of Colorado Springs most popular — and most challenging — hikes in Manitou Springs.

  11. Memorial Park Skate Park

    Skate your way through the 40,000-square-foot Memorial Park Skate Park, home to a street course, bowls and two vertical ramps.
  12. Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum

    Dive deeper into the history and culture of the Colorado Springs region at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, housed in a 1903 El Paso County Courthouse
  13. See a Switchbacks Game at Weidner Field

    End your day with an exciting, high-energy evening watching the Colorado Springs professional soccer team, the Switchbacks.
Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (5)

Day 5

  1. Pikes Peak HighwayAscend to the summit of Pikes Peak via jeep, bus or van tours on Pikes Peak Highway. Reward your ascent to the Pikes Peak summit with a sweet donut from The Summit House.

  2. National Museum of WWII Aviation
    See how pilots and their support personnel changed the course of world history.

  3. Pikes Peak Bike Ride with Challenge Unlimited

    Make your way down from Pikes Peak on a bike ride with Challenge Unlimited after ascending to the top by van or jeep.
  4. Michael Garman's Magic Town

    Survey a miniature city at Michael Garman's Magic Town, featuring hundreds of 1:6 scale sculptures of characters, buildings, hotels and more.
  5. Spend time learning the intricacies of blade types and jumps at the World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame, which honors figure skating's greats.
  6. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

    Feed giraffes, waddle with penguins, and come face-to-face with dozens of other animals at the family-friendly Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.
  7. The Broadmoor Seven Falls

    Visit The Broadmoor Seven Falls for one of the most picturesque hikes in all of Colorado Springs, featuring a series of cascading waterfalls in a wall box canyon.

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Top 55 Colorado Springs Attractions & Things to Do - Visit Colorado Springs (2024)


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