State of Michigan Employment (2024)

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State of Michigan Employment (1)

Photo of recruiters from the state of Michigan at a career fair.

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Every day the contributions and achievements of state employees have a direct impact on Michiganders across the state.If you're looking for a fulfilling career that can make a real difference in the lives of others, you can find your place working for the State of Michigan.

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Featured Careers

The State of Michigan is looking to fill a number of critical openings across state government. Our featured careers currently include several engineering positions. From public utilities and transportation engineers to transportation technicians, find your next engineering opportunity in Michigan.

Two women with headsets on looking at a computer screen.

Business and Administrative Support

From data entry to general office assistant and executive secretary, Michigan has many entry level and management positions available. Our business and administrative support professionals are the backbone of our programs and services and help provide top notch service to Michiganders across the state.

Photo of a woman teacher reading a book to several students.

Education and Human Services

Are you passionate about supporting your community? We have a variety of career pathways that offer the opportunity to give back to your fellow Michiganders. From teachers to administrators, to social workers and counselors, we have facilities across the state to contribute to the welfare and happiness of communities by contributing to the well-being of Michigan families and individuals.

Photo of a man sitting and working at a computer.

IT and Computers

Behind the scenes, our centralized information technology (IT) organization provides state agencies, residents, and businesses many online services. We have a dynamic, nationally recognized IT workforce with a wide variety of skills that could fill a career catalog. In government circles, Michigan's IT program is top tier.

Healthcare and human services workers in a team photo.

Medical and Healthcare

Do you have experience working in the medical or healthcare fields? From register nurses, licensed practical nurses, dentists, psychiatrists, physicians, and more, we have numerous medical and healthcare career paths in state government.

Photo of a parks staff employee holding a small bear cub.

Natural Resources

Do you have a passion about the outdoors, wildlife, conservation, history or outdoor recreation? Join our team of enthusiastic, nature-minded staff to protect Michigan's environment and natural wonders. From seasonal park rangers to historians, and laboratory scientists Michigan offers an array of career pathways in natural resources.

Photo of MDOC, MSP and DNR Officers.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

The State of Michigan offers several law enforcement and public safety career pathways in the Michigan State Police (MSP), Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division (DNR), and the Department of Corrections (MDOC). From conservation officers, to probation and parole agents, to motor carrier officers and state troopers, there is no shortage of opportunities to serve and protect the people and property of Michigan.

Photo of a man working on a car.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades are careers that often require specialized training, which may not require completion of a four-year degree.From automotive and maintenance mechanics to licensed electricians, elevator inspectors and facilities supervisors, Michigan government has numerous skilled trades opportunities for you.

Logo for the state of Michigan Internship Program.

Join Our Internship Program

The State of Michigan internship program is an ongoing partnership between the state, students, and academic institutions, where we connect state agencies with talented students. Why become an intern with us? The State of Michigan has been recognized as a top U.S. employer for new graduates from 2021-2023.

State of Michigan Internship Program

Military Veterans

We are dedicated to bridging the gap between civilian and military employment and helping veterans gain and retain employment in state government. We are proud partners with the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency's (MVAA) Veteran-Friendly Employer program which is committed to military veteran recruitment, training, and retention.

In addition,the State of Michigan is waiving its requirement of a bachelor’s degree for many state jobs if the veteran completed at least two years of active federal service in any branch at the rank of E-6 or above.

Application Tip: Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC) Rule 3-8 authorizes veterans' preference for veterans or qualifying spouses who meet minimum qualifications in selection processes for the state classified service.Be sure to register for Veterans Preference.

Photo of a service member speaking with a member of the MSP recruitment team.


The State of Michigan is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We aim to recruit, hire, develop, and retain a diverse and high performing workforce. Our diversity helps drive our creative and effective problem solving, mutual respect, teamwork, and effective communication with the people we serve.

Professional Development

Effectively developing, recognizing, and rewarding our employees is a top priority.Employees can take advantage of tuition reimbursem*nt, mentoring programs, numerous professional development trainings and more.


We understand our employees work bestwhen they feel valued and they are well. Ourcompetitive employment benefits partnered with our Employee Service Program give employees and their eligible family members tools and resources to support their well being in the office and at home.

Work-Life Balance

Achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential for overall wellness. We offer numerous work-life programs for our employees in the areas of family, childcare, eldercare, physical fitness, mental fitness, financial fitness, legal resources, general wellness and more. Telecommuting and flexible work schedules are available with many state jobs, which we find, can add to a healthy work-life balance.


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State employees receive upwards of 14 scheduled holidays each year, which include Presidents Day, Juneteenth, General Election Day (even-numbered years), and Veterans Day just to name a few.

View State Holidays

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Insurance and Other Benefits

Insurance benefits include health, dental, vision, life, disability, and flexible spending accounts. Employees also have the option to purchase additional life, accidental death, long term disability, long term care insurance, and legal services.

Introduction to Benefits

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Leave Time

Full-time employees receive between 15 and 35 vacation days (annual leave) per year. Employees also receive 13 days of sick leave per year and eight hours of leave annually to participate in certain school functions or community activities.

Leave Information

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The Michigan Office of Retirement Services (ORS) administers two different retirement plans for state of Michigan employees: the Defined Benefit (DB) plan and the 401(k) Defined Contribution plan. State employees hired on or after March 31, 1997, are enrolled in the 401(k) Defined Contribution plan.

Retirement Overview

Career Services Resources Video

Career Services Resources

Our Office of Career Services offers a variety of resources, information, and tools to help you find the State of Michigan career right for you. Check out this helpful guide to the online job application process and view additional resources below.

Access Career Services Resources

Job Application Resources

Virtual Career Fairs

Connect with our recruitment team at a virtual career fair.

Interview Tips

Access interview prep tips for your upcoming interview.

Job Application FAQs

View frequently asked questions about applying with the state.

Contact Civil Service

Contact the Michigan Civil Service Commission (MCSC).

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State of Michigan Employment (2024)


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