Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him - 10 gifts to show love to your special man (2024)

As Valentine's Day approaches, finding the perfect gift for your special man can be both exciting and challenging, especially if you're short on time. Fear not, as we've curated a list of 10 thoughtful and delightful last-minute gift ideas that go beyond the ordinary, allowing you to express your love uniquely.

From tech gadgets to personalized tokens of affection, these gifts are sure to make his heart skip a beat. Discover meaningful gestures that convey your love and appreciation with our handpicked selection, ensuring a memorable and love-filled Valentine's Day celebration for you and your cherished partner.

List of gifts for men online

Amazon Rating
Amazon Price
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)
4.4 / 5
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HYATT Leather Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag
4.1 / 5
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Fossil Leather Men's Wallet
4.7 / 5
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Philips Multi Grooming Kit
4.3 / 5
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boAt Xtend Pro Smart Watch
4.1 / 5
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Casio Analog White Dial Men's Watch
4.2 / 5
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Skinn By Titan Raw Perfume for Men
4.3 / 5
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Unique Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener
4.8 / 5
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Forest Essentials Kit for Him
4.5 / 5
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Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer
4.2 / 5
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Read more about other Gift items on the Top Trending Products page. Check out gift ideas for men below.

1. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) revolutionizes your auditory experience with cutting-edge features. Active Noise Cancellation effortlessly diminishes unwanted background noise, ensuring an uninterrupted listening journey. Adaptive Transparency takes it a step further, intelligently incorporating external sounds while mitigating loud environmental disturbances. Elevating the audio landscape, Personalized Spatial Audio, enhanced by dynamic head tracking, envelops you in a 360-degree soundscape. This compact powerhouse delivers an unparalleled blend of immersive technology, comfort, and personalized sound for an exceptional in-ear experience.
Features -

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Adaptive Transparency
  • Personalized Spatial Audio
  • Dynamic head
  • 360-degree soundscape

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2. HYATT Leather Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag

The HYATT Leather Accessories 24 L Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag for Men Office combines functionality with timeless style. With a substantial 24-liter capacity, this leather briefcase boasts three main zip compartments, an exterior front pocket, and a dedicated 15.6-inch laptop compartment. Crafted from genuine leather, it exudes a classy briefcase look and features branded AMIET's high-security numerical lock. The limited edition design, padded handle, and detachable, adjustable shoulder strap make it a versatile choice for both men and women in office settings. Backed by a lifetime leather warranty, it ensures durability and sophistication for a professional appeal.
Features -

  • 24 L capacity
  • Push button and zipper
  • Made of genuine leather
  • Padded handle
  • Removable & Adjustable shoulder strap (detachable)
  • Outer Material: Leather | Inner Material - Fabric | Inner Mesh Pockets
  • Suitable for both men's & women's for office use
  • Warranty type: Lifetime Leather Warranty.

Buy HYATT Leather Leather Laptop Briefcase Bag

3. Fossil Leather Men's Wallet

The Fossil Men Bifold with Flip ID is a stylish and functional wallet that combines classic design with modern convenience. Crafted from genuine black leather, it features a solid pattern, adding a touch of sophistication. With dimensions of 4.5 x 0.75 x 3.5 cm, this compact wallet offers ample storage space. The flip ID section allows for easy access to identification. Fossil stands behind the quality of this product with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, making it a reliable choice for those seeking both style and durability.
Features -

  • Color: Black
  • Bifold with Flip Id
  • 1 year manufacturer
  • Outer material: Leather
  • Dimensions - 4.5 x 0.75 x 3.5 cm

Buy Fossil Leather Men's Wallet

4. Philips Multi Grooming Kit

The Philips Multi Grooming Kit 13-in-1 (New Model), is an all-in-one trimmer designed for precise grooming of the face, head, and body. With 13 different functions, it offers maximum precision for all your trimming and styling needs at home. The kit includes 8 impact-resistant combs, providing flexibility in length and style. The power adapter ensures fast and precise trimming by measuring beard density, and with a quick 5-minute charge, you get up to 120 minutes of cordless use. The no-slip rubber grip enhances comfort and control. Backed by a 2+1 year warranty after registration, it ensures long-lasting performance.
Features -

  • Cordless
  • 5 min Quick Charge
  • 13-in-1 all-in-one trimmer
  • Run time up to 120 minutes
  • No-slip rubber grip
  • Power adapt sensor
  • 2 + 1 Year warranty after registration
  • 8 impact-resistant combs - 2 stubble combs (1, 2 mm), 1 adjustable beard comb (3-7 mm), 3 hair combs (9, 12, 16 mm) and 2 body combs (3, 5 mm)

Buy Philips Multi Grooming Kit

5. boAt Xtend Pro Smart Watch

Embrace the future of smart wearables with the boAt Xtend Pro. Elevate your communication with Bluetooth calling, offering convenience with a built-in microphone and speaker. Enjoy a vibrant visual experience on the 1.78-inch AMOLED display, complemented by 100+ watch faces. Boasting ASAP Charge for a quick 30-minute full charge, it ensures uninterrupted usage. With 700+ active modes, boAt Coins, and a health ecosystem via the Crest App, the Xtend Pro is your all-in-one companion for a stylish and fit lifestyle.
Features -

  • 22 color options
  • Bluetooth Calling
  • 700+ Active Modes
  • 1.78 Inches AMOLED screen
  • 30 Minutes courtesy its ASAP Charge

Buy boAt Xtend Pro Smart Watch

6. Casio Analog White Dial Men's Watch

The Casio Analog White Dial Men's Watch is a sophisticated timepiece designed for formal occasions. With a white dial and a round stainless steel case, the watch exudes elegance. The brown leather band complements the overall design, providing a classic and timeless look. Powered by quartz movement, it ensures accurate timekeeping. The watch comes with a 2-year domestic warranty from the manufacturer. To start the watch, simply remove the plastic at the crown. This Casio watch combines style and functionality for a refined appearance.
Features -

  • Dial Color: White
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Band Color: Brown
  • Band Material: Leather
  • Watch Movement Type: Quartz
  • Watch Display Type: Analog
  • Case Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size of case: : 47×41.5×8.6mm
  • 2 Years Domestic Warranty

Buy Casio Analog White Dial Men's Watch

7. Skinn By Titan Raw Perfume for Men

Experience the classic SKINN Titan Raw perfume for men, a 100ml spray crafted in the USA. With a fragrance family of Fougere and belonging to the Mass Premium segment, it is a 100% original product by SKINN, Titan. Perfumed by Olivier Pescheux, this perfume offers a captivating blend of Citrus and warm woody notes. Suitable for travel, it has a shelf life of 36 months. The scent is carefully crafted for long-lasting appeal, making it ideal for all occasions.
Features -

  • 100 percent original product by Skinn
  • Suitable for travel purpose
  • Fragrance Family: Fougere
  • Fragrance Segment: Mass Premium
  • Shelf Life: 36 months

Buy Skinn By Titan Raw Perfume for Men

8. Unique Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

Surprise motorcycle enthusiasts with the unique Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener, a perfect gift for dad, grandpa, boyfriend, or any beer lover. Crafted from durable zinc alloy, this vintage bottle opener boasts intricate detail, sturdiness, and a solid feel. Its compact size makes it easy to carry in a pocket or kitchen drawer. It's a nostalgic and functional addition to any collection, fitting seamlessly into home bars, kitchens, clubs, and more.
Features -

  • Perfect gifts for motorcycle lovers!
  • Unique gifts for beer lovers!
  • Durable, sturdy and well made
  • Made of zinc alloy
  • Vintage bottle opener with intricate detail
  • Compact size, small and lightweight for portability
  • Ideally fit in your hand, pocket, or kitchen drawer.

Buy Unique Vintage Motorcycle Bottle Opener

9. Forest Essentials Kit for Him

The Forest Essentials Kit for Him encapsulates refined skincare in a compact gift box. Tailored for men, this assortment includes a Face Wash crafted with gentle, natural foaming agents for a clean, non-drying finish. Followed by a hydrating Moisturizer and an After Shave spray infused with Mysore Sandalwood and Orange peel, this trio delivers a soothing, fragrant touch. With SPF 25 protection and the goodness of Tulsi and Liquorice extracts, it ensures a cool, rejuvenating sensation. Elevate your grooming routine with this meticulously curated ensemble for a daily spa-like experience.
Features -

  • Specially curated for men
  • SPF 25 protects skin
  • Miniature grooming selection
  • 3 high-performance skincare essentials - Face Wash, Moisturiser and After Shave

Buy Forest Essentials Kit for Him

10. Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer

Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer is your all-in-one solution for face, body, and intimate grooming. The product includes 5 stainless steel blades catering to various grooming needs. With 7 multifunction combs and a versatile length-setting comb, it offers precise control. Enjoy up to 120 minutes of cordless use after just 2 hours of fast charging. The black and chrome design adds a touch of sophistication. This grooming kit ensures a hassle-free grooming experience with its efficient features and ergonomic design.
Features -

  • 12-in-1 Body Groomer
  • All-in-one solution for your face, body and intimate areas
  • 5 Stainless steel blades
  • 7 Multi function combs - 4 Clipper combs (3, 6, 9, 12mm)
  • 2 Body shaver combs (3, 5 mm)
  • 1 Multi setting comb with 11 length settings (0.5 - 6MM)
  • Runs up to 120 minutes of cord or cordless usage
  • 2 hours of full charge
  • Fast charging Li-ion battery

Buy Morphy Richards Kingsman Pro 12-in-1 Body Groomer

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FAQs about Valentine's day last minute gift ideas for him

Q1. What are some last-minute gift ideas for him on Valentine's Day?

Ans. Last-minute gift ideas for him could include personalized items like custom accessories, grooming kits, tech gadgets or subscription services.

Q2. Are there any DIY gift options for a quick Valentine's surprise?

Ans. You can create a handmade card, assemble a photo collage or prepare a simple home-cooked meal for a personal touch.

Q.3. What are some gift ideas for boyfriends?

Ans. Gift ideas for boyfriends are -

  • Romantic Showpieces
  • Gift boxes/ Gift hampers
  • Cute and romantic lamps and lights
  • Accessories for men
  • Home and kitchen essentials
  • Wallets and bags
  • Earphones & Headphones
  • Watches and smartwatches
  • Self care kits for men
  • Grooming kits for men
  • Perfumes and deodrants

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Last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for him - 10 gifts to show love to your special man (2024)


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