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FSU Housing

Please be aware that on-campus housing spaces at Florida State University are extremely limited, with priority given to first-year undergraduates. Please be sure to explore off-campus housing options (see below) in case you are not able to get a spot on campus.

University housing costs are not included in the tuition and fees at Florida State University. If you want the option of living on campus, you should apply for housing online as soon as you are officially admitted to FSU. Housing at university-owned residence halls and apartments fill quickly. More information about on-campus housing options and/or availability can be found on the University Housing website.

  • Students should apply to on-campus housing immediately after university admission at housing.fsu.edu.
  • You will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to apply for on-campus housing.
  • FSU housing info for graduate students and non-traditional students. Please contact the housing office for more information about options and/or availability.

Off-Campus Housing

You should carefully consider and research all options before making the housing decisions that best fit your individual needs and before signing a lease. The information below is being provided to you for informational purposes only and does not represent the full range of options that are available to you.

Apartments Recommended by International Students

Each semester, the Center for Global Engagement surveys FSU international students to see if they would recommend where they currently live to other students. The map and table below present data from that survey, as well as information from the apartment management companies as of February 2024. The book icon on the map is located at FSU's official address: 600 West College Avenue, Tallahassee, FL 32306.

Click here to download a spreadsheet with details about the recommended apartments

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of information about apartments, which is subject to change. It is your responsibility to verify the terms of your lease before signing. We collect and provide the following information for your convenience only and do not endorse or make recommendations about off-campus housing.

Off-campus Housing Marketplace

The FSU Housing office contracts with a private company to provide this website that contains information about off-campus housing options, roommates, and subleases in Tallahassee. FSU provides housing information for your convenience only and does not endorse or make recommendations about off-campus housing. It is your responsibility to verify the terms of your lease before signing. To ensure the information you have about off-campus housing locations is accurate and up-to-date, CGE also strongly recommends you contact apartment management offices directly to finalize your living arrangements. FSU students have fallen victim to scams when sending to, or accepting deposits from, potential roommates or signing contracts with a private broker or agent, rather than communicating with the apartment management directly.

Lease Types

Apartment complexes in Tallahassee may offer one or two different types of leases: INDIVIDUAL or GROUP. Please read the information about leases for each apartment complex you are considering to determine which type of lease is available. Also, please carefully review the information below to better understand the benefits and drawbacks to both types.

Individual Lease

This allows you to sign a lease for ONE BEDROOM AND ONE BATHROOM within an apartment with multiple bedrooms/bathrooms. You share the common areas of the kitchen and living room with the other residents but you are not responsible for finding roommates before signing your lease, although you can request that other students you know be placed in the same apartment (if they are willing to accept individual leases). If this is not the case, the apartment company will find other people to fill the remaining open rooms.

Benefit: The benefit to this type of lease is that you can go ahead and find an apartment and sign a lease for your own room/bath without having to find other people to share the apartment. You are only responsible for paying your rent and utilities and you are not responsible for the rent of others in the apartment. Disadvantage: You may find yourself sharing an apartment with people you do not know unless you and your friends sign individual leases for the same apartment.

Please know that some apartment complexes identify themselves as “Student Housing,” but this does not mean that all occupants are university students. In other words, the apartment company may, at its discretion, place you in an apartment with individuals who are not FSU students and who have no connection to Florida State. By signing an individual lease you are agreeing to such an arrangement. One local complex that CGE is aware of, with individual leases that only allows FSU students to rent, is Heritage Grove.

Group Lease

This type of lease allows you to find other FSU students, friends, or acquaintances who are willing to rent a complete apartment together. All renters sign the lease together/collectively, and therefore assume responsibility for the total rent of the apartment as a group.

Benefit: By finding a group of people you know to fully rent an apartment, you can ensure that you are not living with strangers or non-university students who may have very different interests or lifestyles than you and very different schedules. Disadvantage: If a roommate moves out, the remaining roommates are still held responsible for paying the full cost of the apartment each month until you find a replacement for the person who moved out.

Other important apartment/housing considerations

  • Married couples or families will have to rent an entire apartment. They cannot share a room in an apartment with individual leases but might be able to reach a sharing agreement in a group lease with friends.
  • Regardless of the housing arrangement you choose, it is essential that you carefully read through and understand the lease agreement before you sign it! If you have any questions about your lease and/or any aspect of your housing arrangements, please do not hesitate to ask the apartment management to clarify. Signing a lease (even electronically) represents a legal and binding agreement that you will be expected to comply with. You will be held financially responsible for violating any aspect of your lease agreement.
  • Please be sure that you do not sign a lease until you have secured an F-1 visa and have made your final decision to attend Florida State. Once you sign a lease, it cannot be canceled if you do not get a visa and you will remain financially liable.

Furnishing and Utilities

"Furnished" typically means that basic furniture is provided–usuallya sofa, dining table and chairs, and a bed. Sometimes apartments offer the option to have your apartment furnished at an additional monthly cost. Other amenities, such as pots, pans, dishes, utensils, paper products, televisions, appliances, bed linens, and towels are not generally provided. You will need to purchase these items shortly after arrival. The Center for Global Engagement does have a "lending closet" where you can borrow donated dishes, utensils, pots and pans, and potentially some small appliances during normal business hours,8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

If utilities are not included in your rental fee, be sure to connect your utilities in advance of arrival. For more information, see ourpage.

Application, Guarantor and Deposits

When applying for an apartment lease, you may be requested to provide a U.S. Social Security number and/or a U.S. guarantor responsible for paying your rent if you do not. When inquiring about apartments, you should ask if they require either and the deposit amount you would need to pay without them. The table above shows deposit amounts for renters with and without guarantors.


When looking for options, you will want to consider safety and transportation options, both to campus and a grocery store, the school district for any school-aged children who will be joining you. Here are some maps that will help you determine the best housing location for you:

Extended stay hotels

Ask your apartment complex when you can check in to your apartment. If you are arriving in the evening or on a weekend, you will likely need to reserve a hotel room for a night or two until you can check in to your apartment.

If you need a place to stay longer term, the following hotels have extended stay options.

Housing | Center for Global Engagement (2024)


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