Destiny 2: Best Fashion Sets for Season 15 (2024)

Destiny 2 is not only a game of precision, team play, and interesting stories, but it also comes with a character customization system -called Armor Syhtesis in the game - that allows Guardians to make amazing armor sets and even some cosplays. Prior to the transmog system being added into the game back at the beginning of the Season of the Splicer, though, it was not a very effective way to play the game. In fact, wearing specific armor pieces for aesthetic purposes meant that players were stuck with that specific armor's stats, whereas the transmog system allows them to place ornaments in the corresponding armor slot, which works much better.

With this in mind, it's easy to see how Destiny 2 players started have making all these crazy sets and combinations, adding shaders and Exotic ornaments into the mix for even more spot-on cosplays or original outfits. The system is far from perfect, as there's room for improvement because of how a lot of shaders and armor pieces are either sunset (i.e. no longer obtainable) or locked behind past season passes. Obtaining Synthweaves can also be too much of a grind. Regardless, for those Destiny 2 Guardians willing to find new inspiration for their characters' look, here is a list of great sets to try and recreate now or when Season 15 launches.

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The Last Gunslinger

A Reddit user by the name of FilthyScavenger managed to pull off a great Hunter look with their combination of ornaments, creating a hoodless Guardian with the use of the Couturier Mask from the Eververse store. The body armor is the Braytech Combat Vest, the gauntlets are the Crystocrene Grips, the pants are the Lucky Pants Exotic paired with its Deep Pockets ornament, and then the cloack is the Dreambane Cloak. The shader applied here is lawful neutral.

Faraam from Dark Souls

Another Redditor, masterprime817, managed to pull off a Warlock cosplay of Faraam from the Dark Souls games. The resemblance is uncanny, even if Destiny 2 doesn't feature many classic fantasy sets to be used. This combination is achieved with the following pieces: Celestine Hood (Majestic) for the helm, Reverie Dawn Gloves for the gloves, Lightkin Robes for the body armor, Aspirant Boots for the pants, and Rite of Refusal for the bond. The helm and gloves use Iron Bone as a shader, while the robes use Old Growth, the boots Cryptic Insignia, and the bond Iron to Steel.

Loki Hunter

This amazing look was created by Redditor xSevakx, and it is a tribute to the titular protagonist of the new Loki series. The set includes: Luxe Visage as the helm, Wild Hunt Grasps as the arms, Ophidia Spate Exotic as the chest with the Queen Cobra Ornament, Empyrean Cartographer Strides as the legs, and Empyreahn Cartographer Cloak as the cloak. As for the shaders, Rasmussen Clan goes over every piece except for the cloak, which uses Iron to Steel, instead.

Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious

Reddit userl_Balor_l managed to find a way to add Vin Diesel memes to Destiny 2 by making a very bulky Titan with large arms and a shiny helmet that looks like a bald head. The set comprises: Couturier Helm (Desert Matte shader), Gauntlets of Nohr (Gambit Suede shader), Luxe Parka (Clouds at Sea shader), Luxe Treads (Refurbished Black Armory shader), and Quilted Winter Mark (again, Refurbished Black Armory shader).l_Balor_l is also using both the Playground Ride emote and the Micro Mini Sparrow to make the look even more ridiculous.

Sans from Undertale

MrKrabs13 posted their Destiny 2 version of Sans from Undertaleon Reddit, and they combine interesting Titan ornaments to achieve this look. The helm is the Exotic One-Eyed Mask with no ornament and the Celestial Dome shader, then Luxe Cuffs and Luxe Parka for the arms and chest, both using the Glacial Whisper shader. The legs are the Couturier Joggers from the Eververse store, paired with Smashing Success as the shader. Lastly, the mark is the Gensym Knight Mark with the Dawning Elegance shader. Overall, the set nails Sans' look and even includes a single eye.

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Simulacrum from Titanfall

A Redditor that goes by the name of Thereadolphinlord created the perfect look for all Titanfall fans out there, turning a Destiny 2 Hunter into a simulacrum. The head is the Holdfast Mask, Arms of Optimacy for the gloves, Wildwood Vest for the chest, the ST0MP-EE5 Exotic for the legs, and the Phenotype Plasticity for the cloak. The designer uses Precursor Vex Chrome as the shader for the head, Tangled Rust on the arms, and no shader on the chest. Dead Zone Foliage for the legs and the cloak as well.

The SuperBlack Warlock

Redditor SilenceOfAura created an amazing yet very simple look for their Warlock by combining a bunch of armor pieces that pair well with Jacarina and Amethyst Veil as the shaders, highlighting the black tones of the set. The helm is the Northlight Crown, the arms are the Legacy Oath Gloves, the chest is the Blood Lineage Robes, the legs are the Lucent Night Boots. As for the bond, the player uses the Northlight Bond. Jacarina goes over the head, arms, and bond, while Amethyst Veil goes over the chest and legs, instead.


KrolleMotions shared their Guardian look on Reddit, and it is an original design that uses a few pieces from the Celestial set. For those looking to replicate the look, the set is likely going to be added back into the Eververse store in Season 15. The head and chest are from the Celestial set, while the arms are the Synthoceps Exotic with the Photodraulic Actuators ornament. The Fire-Forged Titan is used for the legs, and the Mark of Optimacy is used for the class item. As for the shaders, Dawning Warmth goes over the helm, arms, and mark, while Iron Mossbone goes over the chest and legs.

Phoenix Fire Warlock Set

This last set is from YouTuber Krypz, also known as KrypzYT on Reddit, and it combines the 2019 Solstice of Heroes armor for the Warlock with other armor pieces to create a fire phoenix look. The helm and the arms are from the Solstice 2019 (Magnificent) set, both with the Conflagrate shader, while the chest is the Phoenix Protocol Exotic with the Fenghuang ornament and the Valkyrie Zero shader. The boots, on the other hand, are from the 2021 Solstice event that's currently running, and they are equipped with the House of Meryn shader. Lastly, the bond is the Contender Bond, and it uses the Pyretic Clash shader.

Destiny 2is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Destiny 2: Best Fashion Sets for Season 15 (2024)


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