Departmental Analyst 9-P11- Health Liaison Officer (HLO) (2024)

Job Description

The MDHHS mission is to provide opportunities, services, and programs that promote a healthy, safe, and stable environment for residents to be self-sufficient. We are committed to ensuring a diverse workforce and a work environment whereby all employees are treated with dignity, respect and fairness. For more information, please visit our

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Departmental Analyst 9-P11
The primary role of the Health Liaison Officer (HLO) is to promote and provide information for improved health outcomes for all children in foster care. In this capacity, the HLO in the urban or local office counties provides coordination, information, monitoring and guidance for the health care needs of foster children to foster care and/or birth parents, child welfare workers and supervisors including private foster care agencies and MDHHS central office personnel. Position functions as the Liaison with the Medicaid Health Plans (MHP), Community Mental Health (CMH) and other medical, dental and behavioral providers. Position assists to ensure appropriate Medicaid coverage and that physical/medical, dental, developmental, and mental health services for foster children are administered. The position provides technical assistance on Medicaid, Medicaid enrollment, Medicaid health plans and with MiSACWIS, CHAMPS, and BRIDGES systems. The position conducts presentations/trainings for DHHS/PAFC staff and other community stakeholders on an ongoing or as needed basis. The position assists staff to ensure medical and dental exams are scheduled to occur timely by tracking exam due dates, providing correspondence/forms to foster parents, and collaborating with workers and supervisors to obtain information and documentation. The position also provides county level monitoring of DHHS children’s health polices and provides timely feedback to staff and management/administration regarding compliance and barriers.

Position Description
Job Specification

To be considered for this position you must:

  • apply for this position online via NEOGOV; click on "Apply" in the job posting for instructions on submitting your electronic application. Hard copy applications are not accepted.
  • relevant experience and/or education referred to in supplemental questions must be documented in resume, transcript and/or application to allow for accurate screening.
  • attach a resume identifying specific experience and dates of employment. Dates of employmentshould include month and year and hours per week.
  • attach a cover letter.
  • if applicable, attach a copy of an official transcript(s). We accept scanned copies of official transcripts. We do not accept web-based, internet, or copies of unofficial transcripts. Official transcripts provide the name of the institution, confirmation that a degree was awarded and on what date, and the registrar's signature.
Failure to complete any of the above items may result in your application not being considered. See instructions for attaching files here: Instructions

Required Education and Experience

Education for Departmental Analyst 9-P11

Possession of a bachelor's degree in any major.

Experience for Departmental Analyst 9-P11Departmental Analyst 9

No specific type or amount is required.

Departmental Analyst 10

One year of professionalexperience.

Departmental Analyst P11

Two years of professional experience, including one year of experience equivalent to the intermediate (10) level in state service.

Additional Requirements and Information

The office location for this position is at 5303 S. Cedar St. Lansing MI, however, this position has the ability to work hybrid (remote/office).Candidates should confirm work location and schedule at the time of interview. Selected candidates who have been approved to work remotely or work hybrid must complete that work within Michigan. Candidates should confirm work location and schedule at the time of interview.

Departmental Analyst 9-P11- Health Liaison Officer (HLO) (1)Employees will be provided computers to perform state work. Phones may also be provided for necessary communications. If working remotely, employees will be responsible for providing other components of a remote office at their own expense, including:

  • A secure work location that allows privacy and prevents distractions.
  • A high-speed internet connection of at least 25 Mbps download and 5 Mbps upload.
  • Suitable lighting, furniture, and utilities.
Your application for any position does not guarantee that you will be contacted by the Department for further consideration. Only those applicants interviewed will be notified of the results.

Departments reserve the right to close postings prior to the closing date based on the volume of applications received.

For information about this position, please contact Tanya Rewerts:

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Departmental Analyst 9-P11- Health Liaison Officer (HLO) (2)MDHHS is proud to be a Michigan Veteran’s Affairs Agency (MVAA) Gold Level Veteran-Friendly Employer.

Departmental Analyst 9-P11- Health Liaison Officer (HLO) Supplemental Questionnaire
DEPTALT - Do you possess one of the following? A bachelor's degree or higher in any major. If so, please attach a copy of your official college transcripts;ORat least one year of professional level experience in the state of Michigan classified service.

DEPTALT – Please select your level of experience:

How many years' experience do you have working with Bridges and MiSACWIS?

Please describe your experience with developing and conducting presentations and/or Trainings. If you do not possess this experience, write "N/A".
How has your background and experience prepared you to be effective in an environment where we see awareness of and respect for diversity as an important value?
From the options below, which accurately describes your current status? (A current state employee works for an actual state department such as the Department of Corrections, the Department of Transportation, etc.)

Are you a current MDHHS employee classified as a Departmental Analyst interested in moving to the same classification and level at this location?

Do you have any substantiated cases of abuse or neglect reported on the Department of Health and Human Services Central Registry?

Please select from the options below: (Please note, actions that have been expunged, formal counseling, and layoff actions need not be reported.) Please select all that apply.

Do you have an Intentional Program Violation from the Department of Health and Human Services?

Do you have any objection to being finger printed or drug tested?

Did you attach a cover letter and a copy of your resume to your application? (Failure to do so may result in your application being screened out.)]

Did you attach a copy of an official college/university transcript to your application? (Failure to do so may result in your application being screened out.)

* Required Question

Departmental Analyst 9-P11- Health Liaison Officer (HLO) (2024)


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