18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (2024)

A reason to celebrate love? I’m in! Shower a little extra joy on your special people this year with one of these DIY Valentine gift ideas.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (1)

When Ryan and I were newly married, we decided on our first Valentine’s Day that if we ever wanted to give each other gifts, they would be handmade.

These days we just write a nice card and go out to a great meal, but those first few years yielded some really amazing DIY Valentine gifts!

He blew me away with this romantic gift that documented all of our travels. And my handmade Valentine gift for him became one of our most popular DIYs!

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9 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Sometimes making a DIY Valentine gift for a husband or boyfriend feels puzzling! What can you make a dude that they’ll actually like and use?

As it turns out, we have a few great ideas that answer that exact question. Here we go!

DIY Travel Map If you and your sweetheart have trekked to some fun destinations together, create a DIY Valentine gift that documents all of your travels.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (2)

Embroidered Instagrams A Valentine gift that’s perfect for somebody who’s super sentimental! Even if you’re a novice at embroidery, this DIY tutorial walks you through exactly how to create these unique, cool embroidered photos.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (3)

Homemade Orange Bitters (and a Perfect Old Fashioned) This recipe will yield a bottle of crisp, citrusy bitters that a home mixologist will love! Use your orange bitters to mix a perfect Old Fashioned and toast to each other.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (4)

DIY Anniversary Lock Whether or not it’s your anniversary, a customized lock is such a special and unexpected DIY Valentine gift! Stamp your initials, a special date, or a meaningful message on the lock and attach it somewhere special. (We placed ours on a bridge in Paris!)

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (5)

Leather Key Basket If you have a very practical significant other, make him something that he’ll use and love! This leather key basket is so easy to make and is the perfect DIY Valentine gift.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (6)

Cement Valentines Cement is an unusual material to create smaller crafts with — which makes it extra special! Try molding these cement Valentines and use them as magnets or paperweights. You could also just display them in a bowl or on a shelf.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (7)

DIY Incense Holder A super cool and unique gift for anyone! Create an incense holder using clay and customize it with their favorite colors or patterns.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (8)

Grilling Apron This project incorporates beginner sewing techniques with easy painting tricks to make a one-of-a-kind apron! It’s not only modern and cool but super useful.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (9)

Tie Clip If your partner wears ties, make a unique tie clip with a special message stamped on it! (Here’s another tie clip DIY, too.)

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (10)

9 DIY Valentine Gifts for Her

Whether you’re making for your mom, your girlfriend, your bestie, or your sister, these ideas are pretty much all guaranteed hits!

Pressed Flower Bookmarks These charming bookmarks are incredibly easy to make and would be perfect DIY Valentine gifts! Bonus points if the flowers are from a special place or event.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (11)

Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand A quick trip to the hardware store will yield everything you need for this pretty DIY jewelry stand!

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (12)

Leather Tassel Keychain Our leather tassel keychain DIY has been often imitated, but never beat! The simple technique will have even DIY newbies making a Valentine gift that’s chic, durable, and so pretty.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (13)

Colorful, Fun Soaps If you’re giving DIY Valentine gifts to a crowd of Galentines, then try making a batch of fun soaps! Bonus idea — spend a crafternoon together making them for each other.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (14)

Stenciled Tea Towels I love getting kitchen towels (mostly because my kids tend to destroy ours). But a hand-painted towel? Even better! Wrap it around a bottle of wine and give to your gal pals.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (15)

Rose Petal Infused Honey For the tea drinkers, the chefs, the kitchen aficionados, try making an edible gift! Rose petal infused honey is beautiful and would make a perfect DIY Valentine gift idea.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (16)

Resin Paperweight One of our oldest and most popular DIY Valentine gift ideas! These cheeky paperweights are so fun to gift to friends.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (17)

DIY Body Scrub An all-natural, 3-ingredient body scrub that smells heavenly makes a perfect present! You can make this in large batches to cover lots of gifts.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (18)

Beaded Bestie Bracelets I initially created this DIY gift as a summer project, but I think they’d make perfect Valentine gifts too! Use phrases like “bestie” or “soul sister” to tell your friends how you feel.

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (19)

Happy VAlentine’s DAy!

I hope you love making these DIY Valentine gifts and sharing them with the people you love!

There’s something extra special about creating something with your own two hands, and giving it to somebody you care about. The magic of making helps us communicate how we care.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xoxo

18 DIY Valentine Gift Ideas (2024)


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